Lyme Disease

The following are useful links and downloads for the diagnosis and management of Lyme Disease:


Evidence Assessments and Guideline Recommendations for Lyme Disease using Grade system:

Dr Horowitz’ Lyme-MSIDS Questionnaire: Symptom and Diagnosis list – Horiwitz.PDF

ILADS website:


Lyme and Coinfection testing forms:

1. Armin Labs Elispot Requisitions. The Borrelia Elispot is my favorite Lyme test of all for its sensitivity 84% and specificity 94% and the ability to monitor resolution to zero after completion of treatment.

2. Health Genetic Centre Requisitions I usually do the Chronic Fatigue Panel and swap out cytomegalovirus and input Batonella instead, and I write in “both lavender tube and urine” so they test the full panel on both for the same price, and this gets all of C pneumoniae, Mycoplasma Bartonella and HHV6…rarely does anything else pop positive. Finding a positive Lyme PCR from the blood is a needle in a haystack so I wouldn’t do it on this test.

3. IGeneX Forms I use this mainly for the Babesia panel.

4. MSP covered Health Canada forms to use for biopsies, joint fluid, and those with a European travel history.