Group Visits

About Dr. Zubek’s Group Visits

Some topics are so complicated that they cannot be fully dealt with in a standard 10 minute office visit. I use a group visit format so that I can address the questions and concerns of a dozen people in a 60 to 90 minute session. If you wish to be informed of the dates of the following sessions please click on the link. Please note that you must be my patient to sign up, or get pre-approval from your own doctor.

Heart Health: This session explains how to assess your own personal cardiac risk profile, and how risk factors interact and can be modified. It is necessary to have lab work done for cholesterol and diabetes screens before the session.

Menopause: This popular session deals with symptoms, treatment options, and controversies arising from WHIS and other studies. We will discuss bio-identical hormones, creams, and natural therapies.

Kid Talks: There will be a variety of sessions available including: ‘Sneezes and Diseases’ (An approach to common childhood illnesses), ‘Baby Steps’ (Everything baby!), and ‘Development’ (Discussing developmental delays, autism, ADD, sleep issues, and the variations of normal!) These sessions will be held at a private booking at J.J.’s Play Zone so that children can be safely occupied during the session. There is no charge to you for the admission.

A To Z Nutrition: Analyzing the fad diets “from Atkins to Zone” and what scientifically really works. A look at good and bad fats, omega 3’s etc.

Complex Conditions: Designed for patients who have multiple health issues, from lung, heart or liver disease to diabetes and kidney failure. How do these conditions interact, and how do we maintain optimal health?

Sixty Plus: A discussion on multiple aspects of ageing, including preventing memory loss, osteoporosis, and arthritis.

Ouch!: Management of chronic pain, optimizing treatment of all pain pathways. Half the talk will be on the neck and back, and half on neurological pain patterns.

Diabetes: This talk will focus on the physiology of diabetes, how it develops and what effect it has on your body. We will discuss new options in preventing, treating and managing the disease. This will be an interactive session with our diabetes nurse educator and myself.